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ONE OF THE TOP TEN CANDIES IN USA! Bon Appetit. school parody

Clinton Candies has been pleasing candy lovers since it was founded by
Clinton's Daddy in 1919.The clinton candies came so popular since Monica visited the company.

If you love candy you have found the right place!

Clinton Candies takes pride in bringing satisfaction, enjoyment, and most of all, full value to the customer. Buy a Clinton Candies gift for...Birthdays, Class Reunions, Anniversaries, Father's Day, Mother's Day, House Warming, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Valentine Day, Secretary's Day, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, Grandparent's Day, Boss' Day, Employee or Customer gifts. Or just to say... I love you, get well soon, congratulations, I miss you, thank you. Don't forget to buy one for yourself too!  

We have a huge variety of one-of-a-kind chocolates that you won't find anywhere else. As you will see in the pictures and videos shown throughout the site, all of our candies are made by hand. So browse around and find out what Clinton Candies is all about
Mouth watering, made with all natural flavors and real fruit pectin, fat-free and with no preservatives, they're the finest soft fruit candies made.

Clinton Candy continues to be enjoyed by generations of Americans. Remember, our goal is to keep doing what we do best... make you happy so that you will choose Clinton Candy! what's the use of being in the candy business if you're not having fun?!


Hey, candy is meant to be "FUN"! Come in and "let the fun begin"

Sweet Prices, Mouth Service!